Shawn Manch


Latest Release: "All of my Days"

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Artist Bio

As an independent artist and one man band, Shawn records and produces all of his music and videos.

  • Born: Attleboro, Massachusetts
  • Style: Blues, Rock, Pop
  • Playing Location: United States

Shawn Manch started playing guitar and singing in the spring of 2009. His first guitar was a Behringer El Toro, a black strat style guitar. He began teaching himself to play in his mothers basement and after about a year started his first band, Drive Line Six. This was a 3 piece rock trio. They went on to win a local battle of the bands but after highschool the band drifted apart. Shawn went on to play in several other bands that didn't pan out. After much consideration he desided to continue playing but with a one man band setup.


From Portland to Mars Hill, Shawn has played all over Maine. Here are some photos of him playing around the state!


As an independent artist, Shawn is funded by fans like you! If you want to help support a local musician use the link below to order some mechandise!

Places Shawn has Performed

  • Lion's Den Tavern - Waterville, Maine
  • Silver Street Tavern - Waterville, Maine
  • Paddy Murphys - Bangor, Maine
  • Happy Endings - Bangor, Maine
  • The Chez - Waterville, Maine
  • Freedom Festival - Harmony, Maine
  • Egg Festival - Pittsfield, Maine
  • Timberwolves BBQ - Mars Hill, Maine
  • Carolina's - Bangor, Maine
  • Old Port, Maine
  • The M Room - Palmyra, Maine
  • Mainely Brews - Waterville, Maine
  • Bigelow Brewing Company - Skowhegan, Maine


If you would like to contact Shawn
to book an event, wedding, cookout or if you just want to connect,
use the info below and he will respond to you directly!


Detroit, Maine